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Esiva brand belongs to Lepolam Company, which is currently one of the largest producers of taxi lamps as well as advertising coffers in Poland. When in 2012 we became the owners of a thermoformer, thus becoming independent of the subcontractors, immediately we encountered the problem of moisture in plastic sheets. Being unable to find a suitable furnace for drying sheets on the Polish and foreign markets, we decided to do it ourselves. The path from the prototype to our current drying system was long but owing to that we can boast of a solution that meets all the requirements of today’s demanding European market.
In the course of contacts with our clients we noticed a deficit of companies producing specialized furnaces to widely understood process of plastics industry such as heating of – laminates, silicone rubbers, PUR/PIR foams which would be dedicated to the client. Thanks to the experience we have acquired while creating our driers, it also allowed us to design and build furnaces for the processes in a particular company.
Everything the company Lepolam has been involved in so far (production of taximeters and cash registers, laminate covers to sewage treatment plants, navigational instruments for ultra-light planes, production of taxi lamps) was designed in such a way, as to be useful, reliable and as simple as possible to operate for the “end-user”. We used the same principles while creating our new solutions offered under the brand name Esiva. Our systems have been developed and designed by the experienced persons not just by theoreticians and thanks to the use of many of the latest technological solutions we are certain of its efficiency and reliability.
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The drier and the furnace are entirely the Polish products.

The idea of construction, exceptional energy efficiency, user-friendliness - are the result of many years of experience of our company in plastics processing technology, which we have been engaged in since 1992. From years of experience in the industry we were able to produce all controllers and electronic parts on our own.

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