Plastic sheets drying system

Innovative. Economic. Ecological.

Individual projects and execution

We adapt technology and dimensions of our devices to the needs of the ordering party. As a company with over 25 years of experience in technology of plastics processing, we produce all controllers and electronic parts on our own. Our drier and furnace are entirely Polish projects.

Modern control technologies

Archiving, ONLINE access to the device, sending e-mails to a configured account in case of completion of the process, failure or other occurrence – our device provides all these functionalities.

air circulation

Our devices are distinguished by drying air circulation system – it works in a closed circuit, which allows 18 x reduced energy consumption. Better control over the entire process of heating is provided by more economical and ecological system.

Guaranteed reliability

In case of failure of one of the actuators, our devices have additional protection against overheating of the heated elements. Moreover, as a company fully responsible for the production of the devices, we guarantee quick replacement of used sub-assemblies.

We present entirely Polish product, which consumes
18 x less energy
than other drying chambers and furnaces on the market.

In order to make the drying process effective, three conditions must be met.
Our devices meet them all.

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Modern technology

Heating furnace

Additional securities.

Our devices have additional securities against overheating of the elements being heated in case of a failure of one of the actuators.



Sheets drier

Built-in air dehumidifier.

We dry using dry air. Our system of drying air circulation includes the inbuilt air dehumidifier which considerably advances the process of drying. It has a direct influence on shortening the time of heating plastic sheets and forms.


lepolam logo oraz certyfikat polski produkt

The drier and the furnace are entirely the Polish products.

The idea of construction, exceptional energy efficiency, user-friendliness - are the result of many years of experience of our company in plastics processing technology, which we have been engaged in since 1992. From years of experience in the industry we were able to produce all controllers and electronic parts on our own.

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